Nov. 8th, 2008

rxelyn: (meaningless)
... Went to the library today. In which the weather was so glaring that I can hardly open my eyes. I wish I have the cash to splurge on those kind of transition lens thing. Anyway, there were tons of people milling about at Causeway Point. Aargh! And some people just walk without looking. So don't complain when you get whacked by a bag loaded with heavy bricks masquerading as books, alright?

Borrowed mainly non-fiction stuff, am finding myself very interested in philosophy these days, (as usual, my interests rotate, now it's back to philosophy.) And also picked up some random books about health for my mother because she has become more of a health freak than before due to her high blood pressure problem.

... I actually went to Woodlands library because I wanted to go read at Starbucks later on. >.> But. I forgot. Weekends meant lots of free and idle people. Which means they will most likely leave the house because they're not all hermits like me. And Singapore is a tiny excuse of a cell. Which means that there are only so many places that people can frequent. (You know, I watched a drama that had this statistic that you only need to tell a local friend about something and if they pass it on, by the 7th person, it will reach all the way across the world already.) Anyway, Starbucks was packed. With noisy people.

No matter how addictive coffee may be, it's definitely not worth the trouble of finding a decent spot away from incessant chatter.



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