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Life has sort of revolved around choir these past few days, but it's all finally coming to an end! :D

Although I wouldn't say that the performance for the 25th anniversary was bad, it could have been better, but I enjoyed my moments on stage. Cloudburst was super fun to sing, hearing the sound dip and swell accordingly, and I like the tinkling sounds that the wind chimes thing produced. The finale thing was a little ... -.-||| though. Haha, I have no idea how to phrase that into proper words without demeaning the efforts of the people who produced/performed it. The flowers that Sneha and the others and Navin gave are currently sitting in a vase beside my table, looking very pretty :D

The new exco of 0910 was announced during practice just now, in which we ended like super early because there wasn't real practice as Mr Kwei wasn't coming down. Yeah, I was quite amused by the 'speech' that the new bass sl gave, 'we must own'. Haha, spoken like a true gamer, in which he and Ren Zhi and Hong Zhi were discussing about DOTA and Pokemon during lunch at Pizza Hut. Yes, I was bored enough to join them, the internet wasn't shiney enough to entertain me, though I'm not sure that hanging out with the guys would have been entertaining, but oh well, I was hungry.

In total, I think I've spent about 1 and 1/2 years in AJchoir, in which I have to really say that I enjoyed my J1 year more, the sound that we had was much more impressive, though I wasn't as close to the people... not that I'm that close, but at least I know them more... Ah well, no big deal, since that's exactly how I operate through life, just drift by and do my own thing.

Anyway, school has been irritating, I am so not up for that bloody math test on Wednesday, 'hello failure, we've been very well acquainted, haven't we?' But it's a relief that June is finally creeping up, in the sense that I have got some time to catch up with everything. And I mean everything. I seriously haven't been paying much attention to real life...
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So so much going on, haven't had a chance to post.
Putting the final touches on the AFI album.
Writing new Blaqk Audio songs.
Trying to eat good thai and mexican food.
Trying to make it to Coachella (I see Moz is the clear winner).
Trying to decide who to take on tour with us.

Jade Puget of AFI

I can't bloody wait! XDDD

Okay, reached home at about 8 plus, feeling all sort of anal and neurotic and irritated. Bathed and had dinner while watching Skip Beat which cheered me up immensely. :D I wish they would just fall in love already and stop being so wishy washy, but that's part of the fun too, I guess? Haha.

I'm not the type to work well under pressure, or surrounded by people who are feeling worked up, because more than likely, I will end up being influenced by them and get all restless and annoyed that I just turn off and work on autopilot. It's times like these that I miss Kranji... somehow, I never really felt anything while I was there, sure, liked hanging out with my friends and got frustrated over the monotony of physics lessons, and all that, but I was generally pretty alright there.... think it's part of the whole idea of growing up or whatever shit that Freud would label it as. (probably not making any sense, but inserting Freud sounds cooler than just saying... whatever? Haha.)

Am going to ignore the bloody tests tomorrow... because no one can really do anything to me, were I to fail them. Like, yeah, the teachers may 'suan' me or think I'm some pathetic, lazy, dumb student, but it's not like they can actually expel me or kill me or do anything lasting. Okay, bad attitude towards learning... but I'm too sleepy to really care.

Guess I'm just rambling on, but I think I shall be posting up more writing once I get the time to type things up and edit stuff. I'm always doing these kind of stuff when it's like one of the more crucial period of my life, what the heck is wrong with me?! D: Seriously, I did a lot of writing during Sec 4 year and exam periods... destress, much?

Okay. I shall go sleep now.
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Okay... finished up the write up for literature, in which I think there isn't any other pressing homework due... right?

Crashed H2 Maths lecture with Sherilyn in which their teachers seem much more interesting than ours. Maybe it's the case of the greener grass on the other side, but I'm exactly that type of person, *laughs*. I'm utterly fascinated with new things and even though they may not be better than the old one, I immediately think it's much better. Yes, I am biased like that. But I sort of paid more attention during that math lecture than any of the H1 lectures I have attended. Well, I guess, teachers nowadays not only have to teach, but also need to know how to maintain their students' attention... in which my teacher doesn't seem to be doing because no one has any real interest in the subject. Not her fault, of course, but it's really irksome to not understand something... Yeah.

Had initially wanted to go book shopping, wanted to get this philosophy book that I saw the other day, and was a little tempted to pick up more Murakami, having just finished Sputnik Sweetheart and started on Dance, Dance, Dance. But it was sort of late after a long lunch with Sneha and Min Jie. We're good at crapping and wasting time, I guess. So I was sleepy and went home and promptly went to take a nap after my hair dried only to wake up in time for dinner...in which I really didn't want to wake up...

Had this strange dream just now... about my bag being spoiled... that there was this hole and there was actually stuffing falling out, which makes no sense. Haha, is this my subconscious prodding me into going shopping?

Also, just discovered this band called Scarling. Has anyone heard of them? Any opinions? I have heard only one song from them, which isn't enough to form any opinion yet.
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mass update because I was tired/lazy/unmotivated to post the past few days.

had a tiny bitching session just now, nothing too mean, but it's really disconcerting about people's perspectives and the different sides of the stories that you get from different people. Shall not delve further into that, since it's really none of my business after all...
moving on... )

Yeah. I think I rest my case.

And I don't know whether I'm meeting Jasmine and Mandy tomorrow or Amirah. Haha. And I'm broke. It's just wonderful.

random thought: school is like a freaking vampire. lol.
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I totally love this icon. Ianto and his humor!! XD

college cip was blah. Basically we were productive and efficient in collecting the junk that the school wanted, yet they were extremely inefficient in doing the second part of the job which is picking up said junk. I mean, we finished the 6 blocks meant for us at about 11:30 rounded up, and the lorries only arrived like, 2 hours later to get the newspapers/clothes/whatever. The time in between was horrible because I was feeling totally gross, running up and down creates perspiration and warm local climate means humidness. Factor in 20 people or so, it's fucking uncomfortable. And there were only 4 seats available meaning that at most 12 people can squish on them while others can stand or sit on the floor. Some of the guys sat on newspaper piles instead, which later caused the neat piles to become all messed up. And the one thing I couldn't stand was the dirt on my hands. It was black from the newspaper, and sticky to touch from the heat and dirty food wrappers from the sweets and chocolates my classmates handed out for v-day.

and because of the loooong delay, we were late for the ihdc rehearsals... so we had to rush and change and all that without even given the chance to cool off. Gross. Really. D: Just thinking of it now make me feel all... ewwww.

we watched the other houses performed and... well. We weren't as good for one. But some groups were just plain screechy and that was annoying. I really liked the Egyptian idea although I think all the Pharoahs collectively turned in their pyramids. Haha. But they didn't get first... pity. The wedding one got first... and I like to suspect that it's because they incoporated the whole school motto into the ending, sucking up to the judges who were the teachers, but... nah... it's not like the teachers are that loyal to the school... right?

anyway, our house didn't win... can't say I didn't expect it even though we did hope that we would have a chance to win. Ahaha, my role was of this assertive, controlling manager, so I tried to channel Syafiqah, who is one of the most assertive person I know, and I think I epic failed at it. Lol. (luckily she wasn't there, because I'm pretty sure she would just tear me to pieces for that lousy impersonation. and I'm about as assertive as a lamb, meaning that I'll just blink at you *innocently* and go 'baaaaa' :3) And Sofia really did a lot to help us throughout the whole rehearsals and everything even though she wasn't obliged to. :D (I totally love the postcard she gave

went out for dinner with Sharon and Angela and Min Jie and Jia MIn after that. And I totally forgot that I didn't bring my wallet until we reached the bus stop. (I found out about that fact on the way to school this morning, when I had already passed by Yishun. Very smart, I know) Anyway, Angela was so kind to lend me 10 bucks! (omg!!! you're my new bff nao!! haha)

reached home about 10 plus in the end and wasted time... so yeah. That sums up my Friday the 13th. Nothing too unlucky except the whole forgetting the wallet part... but that may be just my innate carelessness talking.
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Today you may have to encounter and even oppose powerful pressures and forces exerted upon you, both from without and from within. The way you live and exert your energies will be tested today, perhaps forcing you to make radical changes in the areas of your life that you find are not working very well. The best way to use this influence is to let go of old patterns of behavior that today's events demonstrate to be invalid. Holding on to them will only make your life more difficult, and if you give them up, you will have room for the positive creative changes that can take place now. Also you may have to contend with the breakdown of machines or situations. Anything that tends not to function very smoothly will work very poorly today. It is time to straighten out the situation or fix up the mechanical problem.
...eh... seems pretty vague to be accurate. I mean, if I want to interpret it as such, today's actually isn't a good day.

School was just sucky, as usual. And piano lesson was substandard, (can't believe I did so badly on sight reading a grade 4 piece!). Got ranted at too by higher authorities. Argh.

Bloody hate conflict and noise and people.
I think I'm just going to ignore the world and go to sleep. (no point staying up awake and feeling all moody.)

EDIT at 10:33: Leverage is done! Wee~! Okay, I shall watch that before turning in before the crew always makes me feel better. :)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Hogwarts! Because if I have to go to school, I rather have perks like magic to do everyday mundane stuff like cook and clean and have cooler PE lessons than running aimlessly around the tracks and just about everything else. And they have way better subjects and magical creatures and dark lords and lots of dramas! XD Lol.
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This is one of the most favorable influences for personal relationships. You can readily express your love and affection, and others are likely to show their affection for you. Seek the company of others, because you are in a sociable frame of mind today. Today is also a good time to resolve any problems in your personal relationships. You will be able to discuss any tensions that exist without difficulty, assuring your loved one that your love is sincere. This is also a day when you may meet a new lover or friend. It is a good time for any necessary new encounters because the environment favors pleasant first impressions.

Well. This is what the horoscope says, let's just hope it's accurate? Since... I don't quite fancy being punished for undone work...

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Went to the 4d class chalet yesterday and expected to be very bored. But Darryl brought his Guitar Hero! So we were highly entertained, with antics of Chee How and my own terrible playing, haha, it's been ages since I last played on the wii, about a year ago or so, if I bothered to check the archives at my old blog. And using the xbox console just felt weird to me, especially when doing chords, like the brain cannot comprehend the buttons, haha, I just have bad hand-brain coordination.

Ate quite a lot too, but not as much as Atiqah, because Hong Da was sort of serving us when we first came, he made frequent trips to give us satays and stingrays and chicken wings.

Ended up going home pretty late thanks to Guitar Hero, haha, I was planning to sort of eat-and-run, but the game made me stay. Luckily, Faza's parents were willing to pick us up, so I didn't reach home too late. Ami and Chin and Ati went off pretty early because Pasir Ris is really very far...

Slacked a bit when I got back, watched Demons and... well, it's alright, I mean, it's my genre, but... sort of boring? Maybe it's because I read and watch a lot of stuff in the supernatural genre, so it takes a lot to get me interested.

Well, a whole bunch of relatives came down today to prepare the food for the Lunar New Year... so it was quite noisy and all that and I'm supposed to be finishing up my homework but I got sidetracked... read 4 volumes of Her Majesty's Dog and it's really quite amusing even though it's not that original to me. Ended up watching three episodes of Torchwood because I couldn't resist even though I told myself to start rationing or else I'll run out of episodes before season 3 is out.

So now... thinking of just going off and read a good book since I went to the library earlier and borrowed quite a number of them... Damn, I sort of wish I was Owen, you know, being dead. =_= No need to really do anything, cos you're dead. And you can read to your heart's content, I wouldn't mind giving up food and sex and breathing for eternity and no more aging.


Oct. 8th, 2008 10:39 pm
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dun dun dun~

results tomorrow. But I already failed maths (no surprise, Sherlock) so... let's see if the world would be kind to me tomorrow then.

(I tried to be a nice person today; let's hope karma won't be too bad XD)

yoroshiku onegaishimas~


the day of reckoning: pre-quarter life crisis? lol
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... Just woke up after getting back from east coast park and after all that washing up etc. Gah. Tousled hair and sullen expression. I still feel sleepy. =_= What, getting old already?

Woke up at some ungodly hour. Okay, not exactly. But it was before dawn, and no one else was awake. It was an entire hour before my usual time. Yeah. And apparently just to travel all the way across this island to build sandcastles which apparently aid in building your character. Of course, I can just feel my character level up. Ooh, bad pun. Haha.

It wasn't all that bad, had fun with the class, but damn, does the blisters hurt when they're in contact with the sea water. Had a morbid image of the wounds getting infected and me ending up with amputated limbs! D: Which is like... impossible. So my mind is just... gross. >.> Right, moving on. I think everyone did a brilliant job today, at least everything looked like whatever they're supposed to be and even if they didn't, we probably just closed an eye to ignore it. After all, why hurt our feelings? Okay, this line sounds lamer and funnier in chinese. But whatever.

... I ramble incoherently when I just wake up. ... which makes me link to modernist writing? I think the great writers of that genre, Woolf, Joyce, Elliot, they just rolled in their graves. Heh.

She's nagging again. These are times I wish that I was deaf so I wouldn't need to hear her. And wish that she would just fucking get out of the house. Even though this is more her house than mine. ... Can't wait for the day that I move out. Omg, please.

And just not to end on a sour note, let me go binge on tokio hotel tv! XD

... Whut?

Sep. 3rd, 2008 10:11 pm
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... Isn't it strange that as we grow older and advance up the education ladder, we learn lesser subjects yet find it harder to cope?
Sure, the subjects may be more indepth but we at least cut down half the subjects that is taken in secondary school, which then frees up extra time to study on the relevant subjects... >.> But my grades speak otherwise.

For those who are uninitiated into the coolness that is Neil Gaiman, here's a chance to read Neverwhere free of charge on your computer.
Just download the ebook or read it online here. It's an easier read as compared to American Gods, more geared towards the young adults, I would say, even though it's located on the adults' fiction shelf. I know that I'm gonna re-read it again, even though I hardly have the time... haha, how can I resist the lure of a good fantasy novel?

I wanna go Borders or Kino tomorrow! Gonna pick up some postcards for postcrossing :D and see if I can get any good book. (aka waste money)

Econs today was dreary. Sharon and I were late. And... then we sat in LT1 for 2 hours, cooped up in there trying to make sense out of seemingly random economic jargon and copying frenzily. ... Our education system prepares us for a life of paper pushing and copying; don't say that the education system doesn't help you in your career. D:

Went back with Navin who has jellybeans!! XD Why am I so excited? I'm not even a fan of jellybeans. They remind me of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor. Haha. Met Sneha on the train and shared a snarky conversation. Sarcasm and witty banter and theatrics make up an interesting conversation.

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random title taken from a John Steinbeck book.

PTM wasn't so bad. Ms Ng didn't lambast me and instead, rescued me from my mother's death sentence.
which was... NO MORE INTERNET (aka the death penalty)


Anyway, yeah, so the meeting went quickly because we only saw Ms Ng. I mean, why bother letting my mother see all the other teachers when they  didn't specific to see her? That'll just give her more chances to kill me. (she's been dying for a proper excuse to cut me off)

And since we don't need to hurry home, (my brothers not coming back early) she decided to head to St Luke Hospital to visit her old sempai. The old woman was pretty hale for someone of her age and status, I mean, she's still recovering from a hip/back operation, yet she's super energetic, sharing the fruits and tibits that she had with the other patients in the ward.

And there was a woman praying over her aged mother and it was just weird, she was reading out of the Bible, I guess then she started to annoint the various pulse points/whatever with some sort of an oil... >.>

Reached home at about 9... in which I was already quite tired. I was half asleep on the journey from Yio Chu Kang to Bukit Batok... almost found myself nodding off on a stranger's shoulder (utterly mortifying if I really did) and I nearly drooled in my sleep, only that I jerked myself awake and swallowed the excess saliva. (or else I'm be completely mortified.) Lol.

Sent of my request of rescheduling of piano exam to the sso. Hopefully my request will be successful or else I'll have to like... waste money when I don't turn up for the exam.

As I'm on the subject of piano, I'm currently learning Schubert's Piano Sonata no 16 in A minor, K845 (1st Movement), and I wanna try Ravel's Miroirs. If anyone has Schuman's Sonata in G minor, Op. 22, please tell me too. I want the score! :D
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I didn't know hosting a debate was so freaking troublesome. I didn't know chairpersoning a debate was such a talkative job. I didn't know that some people can be so bloody insensitive.

Chairpersoned the Anderson Junior College Debating Invitational 2008 Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds. (this was stolen from the speech I had to make as a chairperson.) >.> The debate motion was THBT going green is going backwards.

I hosted the preliminary round of St Nicks vs Raffles. Which made Min Jie jealous because she probably wanted to ogle at Nicholas Puah and her Korean friend. But yeah, got to admit that Nicholas Puah was pretty cute. In fact, even Jonathon admitted to it and he's like forever in denial about his gayness, lol.

Raffles won hands down. Not that the St Nicks girls weren't good, they tried very hard, but their argument was too one sided, all that they had were about how going green was costing us a lot of money hence pushing us backwards. The first speaker was pretty clear and confident but the other subsequent two just didn't do as well. The debators were pretty rude during the debate, like just slashing their hand sharply to cut off the opponent's POI instead of saying 'no thank you' when the two teams first started out.

After the first round, I was given Xin Min and Cedar Girls. And all the trouble began.

My two judges arrived pretty promptly. But the third didn't show up. So I was interrupted midway through my speech, and someone ran off to find a judge to take over the spot. And Sneha finally came in to take the place. Lol. Since she's the President of the DOS. So debate began. And one of the judges, Mingching was... just... insensitive. No offense to the guy, I find him very amusing. But if I were the debator, speaking before the judges, i would have been seriously demoralized. I don't know if he was just lacking eq or what, but he facial expressions were very blunt. And he didn't seem to bother to control himself. I think another judge was irritated by his bouncy attitude; he was like, 'should I tell them, should I ask him to offer POIs?' Which was unheard of during a debate.

Lol, and the debate just got worse as the debators went off tangent and I was so bored that I began to sms Min Jie more obviously and talking to my timekeeper. :D I sort of listened more attentively when my ears picked up the phrase, 'organic farming'. And I was like, wtf?! What does the motion have got to do with organic farming... that's going too far, that's already moving into the realms of NAQ.

Whatever. XMS won later on. But seriously, I didn't really care by then. Lol.

Went over to NYP with Min Jie to have dinner since my mother wasn't free to cook dinner.
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School was insanely boring. Just like every other school day. Blah, miss the weekend already.

PW is horrible because no one (except Shaun) did the eom so we had to listen to the PW teacher babble on while we nod and pretend to look intelligent. Fun. And the first draft of the eom is due this week.

Don't know why I was singled out to give a 2 min speech on the characterization of Miranda (from the Tempest) because I seriously don't like speaking before an audience, even though I know that they are my peers and I certainly shouldn't be feeling self conscious since I know them. Yeah, so horribly insecure feelings rising up in my gut. Bloody annoying.

Went back to KSS after school to meet up with the 4D people, okay, there were other non 4D people as well, but I don't really know them and I don't care. They aren't important to me anyway. Yeah, after all the speeches about how fabulous and wonderful and fantastic their schools were, yada yada yada (and Sab's speech blew everyone's away, I tell you.) Yeah, I'll have gone to CJC given a choice (if AC still didn't want me, of course :D)

It was fun crapping with them and I think I'm way more open in speaking about certain things after hanging out with the AJ friends. And of course, my clique wasn't that crude as well, Atiqah likes to maintain things at a PG level so Aishah and I comply within her boundaries. Lol, depending on the topic, even Chin Ming might chip in her two cents' worth and Amirah will be either laughing/blushing/having no clue what the heck we are talking about. XD Damn I miss them. When are we having our clique outing? D:

Was knackered when I got home so I just chilled out at the piano, played some ridiculous songs etc and did my literature homework. Gave up on maths after reading the second question. >.> And this is why I fail maths. *takes a bow*

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... I'm supposed to have read Othello. Shit. Yeah. So far, this is what I have taken from a variety of websites; Wiki, SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, enotes, random websites... Must we remember quotes? Because I only know the summary and perhaps vague characterization.

Never has my bed looked so fair, yet foul.
For loathe I to sleep when the time is not.

Okay, with said random shit, I diagnose myself as in an overly pretentious mood and hence prescribed medicine is sleep.
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Finally, the exams are over.

Made up crap for my history paper, tried to be as vague as possible without showing my lack of content, tried to be as long winded as possible, etc. Anyway, it's over.

Then after that, went all the way to Expo with Min Jie an Sherilyn for the book fair. Bought three books, Day Watch, and two non fiction books. I wanted to buy more, but... budget was tight... even though the prices were marked down already. And also considering how cramp my room is, I can't afford to buy tons of books and find no place to house them.

Finished the Sherrilyn Kenyon book, Dream Chaser which was pretty decent, very action packed and bitchy soap-opera-but-powerful-enough-to-kick-your-ass gods. But it sort of irks me that everyone in there looks like a supermodel or something. Blah, it makes me feel bad about myself, you know. Haha, not really. But I like all the fantasical creatures that roam in her book, as well as the made up legends.
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Just one more paper to freedom. Okay, not exactly freedom since there's still school. Argh, boring. And I have absolutely no mood to study for the upcoming History paper. I'm never in the mood to study anyway.

Maths was dismal, as expected. I muddled through the paper, whacking down whatever fake/real formulas I could cough up at the top of my head. Well, let's hope the teacher marking it doesn't die of blood loss after reading it. Skipped a whole lot of questions, wrote randomly, what else? Oh and my graphs were horrendous, like drawn by a non artistic 5 year old high on crack. Haha.

Lit was... well, just as bad. No technical terms, just a hell lot of rambling especially in P4 and basically just dumped whatever I felt would take up space onto that blank piece of paper. Serious verbal diarrhea.

The break in between papers was spent hanging out with Sharon and the others. Yakked a whole lot and laughed a whole lot too. We basically just sort of gave up revising for lit. Oh well... I'm sure we'll all scrap through somehow.

Can't wait for the tests to end!
THUR: Book fair thingie with MIn Jie and Sherilyn
THUR: Meetup
FRI: Piano lesson YAY
SAT: shopping

lol, for some reason, my post sort of got happier after the first few paragraphs. wow.

oh shut up

Jun. 23rd, 2008 08:38 pm
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... blah. Yes, all the should haves and what nots are swirling around in my brain. I'm always like that, full of 'good' intentions but never seeing them through. Aw, heck it. I mean, I know I should care, but when my mother just rants at me, telling me what a disappointment I am and links all my shortcomings together in one gigantic scolding, I find myself not bothering to give anymore damns about anything.

I kind of wished that they would inverse the papers timing. Like, 45 min for a case study, 80 min for the essay. C'mon, you want me to write 2 essays in 45 min?! I usually take 45 min to write 1 lousy essay. D< Or they should just give us all the papers and let us do our own time management.

Yeah, sort of hoping that I'll smoke through for this common test.

and now the bane of my life. maths.
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I passed NAPFA

Luckily for me, I guess. This is the year that I passed my standing broad jump without hitting up to 10 attempts, thanks to the nicer teacher who let me re-try even though I failed the first two times. And helped me to pass. But some of the teachers were just so ANAL. I mean, why can't the others who failed some stations re-try them? And Helen who had done like 59 sit ups, had more than half of them disqualified because she didn't do it exactly and all... why couldn't the teacher stopped her there and then and tell her about it instead of after the attempt?! And another girl had like done 32, and was waiting for the time to end when the teacher told her after the attempt that 3 of her sit ups were disqualified. I mean, if you told her early, she could have redone more and have gotten her A... So annoying.



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